Development is not popular with brokers.

Development requires precision, and most brokers do not want to “get their hands dirty” on development deals, because, let’s face it, development deals are complicated, there’s a lot to get wrong, it takes much longer to make a commission typically and the cycle of selling (where a broker lists a property over and over again throughout years) can be disrupted.

Therefore, many brokers don’t bother trying to understand deals, and they end up just listing properties without knowing the full potential of what can be built there. These brokers, unfortunately, become the biggest mud throwers and in our opinion, time wasters.

We think differently.

We’re actually interested in development and see an opportunity to build a firm around the idea to be specialists in the field.  Some may say, there’s more work with each deal and our brokers will make less money, but our intention is to be so good at development that our clients actually want us to represent them – instead of just going through the listing broker.  And it’s working – for good reason.

We don't shovel mud

Most Agents use mass email blasts to send development deals to everyone, like development is “one size fits all.”  We call that “shoveling mud” because the agent doesn’t evaluate the development deal (or in most cases, they don’t even understand development or land residual value), they just move it along.  They send mud to your inbox and hope you figure it out.

We have a better way

We know what it’s like to have our time wasted and we don’t like it.  Applying the Golden Rule (treat others the way you want to be treated), we actually take the time to understand whether the deal has value before listing it or sending it to potential buyers. We value our clients time and we want to have a reputation of sending the good deals to the audience we serve (Buyers) – and not listing deals that don’t make sense (for Sellers).  We hope we’re trailblazing in the development industry, but we’ll let you be the judge.