Buyer Services

We Represent Buyers

Development Sight is an un-traditional brokerage company.  We don’t simply cold call Sellers and get them to list their properties, we create relationships with Buyers and hunt for the best deals they can buy both on-market on off.  Because we’re knowledgeable about development, we know what developers want (long due diligence periods, long escrows, entitlement risk mitigation, pre-deal reports).  Thus we broach these subjects up front, so that our clients don’t waste a lot of time with a Seller who’s going to dig his heels in on key aspects. 

We believe the best way to help developers buy property is as follows:

1) Know the industry.  Ask the questions up front so that the client doesn’t need to waste time.

2) Pay attention to developers specific requirements.  Most brokers shovel mud that they know clients won’t buy in an effort to keep the broker’s name top of mind.  We’d rather be known for sending good deals.

3) Be constantly looking for deals and be willing to hustle and flexible on sharing fees to finding deals.

With these three core principles, we are able to find the deals that make sense, make offers that work, and close more transactions.

Also, we have multiple relationships and can refer you to good people for land use planning, A&E, and permit expediting.

If you’re looking for a specific type of property to build, please fill in your acquisition criteria or contact us.