We understand you have many options with brokers so...

Why Choose Development Sight?


Our focus is development sites & buildings that need rehab (redevelopment).  We’re not actively pursuing other property types.  You wouldn’t hire a residential agent to handle a commercial property, why would you hire an apartment broker to handle developable land?


Peter Ciriello, the Principal Broker at Development Sight, has over 20 years experience in commercial real estate, has earned the CCIM designation, and has transacted more than $1 Billion in commercial real estate over the past 20 years.  We know how to sell properties.  To see what development deals we sold and have listed, click.


Our network includes about 5,000 developers contact information, including their acquisition criteria.  We know the buyers of most deals before the properties get listed.  We can help you find the right buyer for your property.


Clients often tell us that they think we provide them with good insight into structuring deals that will close.  They are often surprised that a boutique real estate agency perform at the level necessary to close big development deals, but that’s why we believe, once a client works with us, their views on what we can do and how we can help, change.


Development Sight puts reputation first.  We’re “straight shooters,” we don’t bullshit or beat around the bush, we tell Principals like it is, no matter whether it’s what they want to hear – or what they need to hear.


I think if you give us a chance in representing you on your next acquisition or disposition, we will prove to you we’re as good as we say.  Click here to reach out and introduce yourself.