About Development Sight

Peter Ciriello CCIM is the Principal Broker at Development Sight.  As a boutique commercial brokerage Development Sight operates as a “Rainmaker with a support team.”  Clients will always deal with Peter for transactions.  The team exists to support Peter with specialized knowledge and time management.  Our team works remotely either in California or New York where the bulk of our business resides. 

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Peter Ciriello CCIM Image

AI Team

As a boutique commercial real estate firm, we are technologically advanced, using AI, bots and third parties to crunch large amounts of data to find the best deals (mostly off market) for our clients to buy.  To that effect, we use artificial intelligence to handle marketing, support and third party analysis.  Since the virtual assistants are constantly changing (it’s still hard to find good help), we’ve created three personas (below) to show you the distinctions.  Enjoy!



Third Party Analysis