About Peter Ciriello CCIM

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Peter Ciriello CCIM, CBI (Broker License #1418188), founder of Development Sightl, is recognized as a leading commercial broker agent and expert in Development Sites in California and beyond.  As the principal broker, Peter focuses on transactions, client care and relationship building.  Peter has earned the coveted CCIM designation, and the prestigious CBI designation and is the recipient of RE/MAX’s highest honor, the Hall of Fame Award.  He has demonstrated unrivaled knowledge of the underwriting, pricing, & marketing.  

Peter is a licensed broker in California, New York and Georgia and has a Master’s degree in Psychology.   Peter has transacted nearly one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) in commercial real estate in the past twenty years.  

Peter is highly detail focused and patient, two key qualities to possess in the world of development.

My History

When I started in commercial real estate as an assistant at a big firm back in 2003, I had no idea what I wanted from this business.  

Now it’s almost twenty years later and  my business has changed in so many ways.  I now understand development in ways that other brokers can’t comprehend.  My years of learning from my mentor, about development (while scouting deals for him) paid off.

I have listed and sold all types of properties, but my focus is development sites. I have sourced, negotiated and closed future development sites for ground up development.  If you’re a client, or know me and you know my history, for those that don’t I am not going to rehash it, if your interested, call me.  What I should tell you, if you haven’t already guessed, is that I am not from Los Angeles, I am New York born and bred, living out here.  What does that mean? It means I am not going to mince words, I tell clients like it is – if you appreciate that, you and I will get along, if you want someone to tell you how pretty your shoes are, find another agent. 

I am probably one of the most risk-adverse entrepreneurs you will ever meet.  I realize that’s an oxy-moronic statement, how can a risk taker be risk adverse?  The answer is “by doing things right.”  I try to take the utmost care in doing things “by the book,” with zero risk to compliance, regulation or illegality.

Other than being risk adverse, I pride myself in being straight-forward in my advisory.  I don’t tell clients to sell or buy, I don’t convince them to take less or pay more, I help them make the big decisions by providing access to my experience and best judgment.   I don’t leave them until their undertaking is complete.  The business I am in is buying and selling dirt for others.  If you’re looking for help, start here; pick up the phone and call me.

What is a CCIM?

A CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) is a recognized expert in the commercial and investment real estate industry. 

The CCIM lapel pin is earned after successfully completing a designation process that ensures CCIMs are proficient not only in theory, but also in practice. This elite corps of CCIMs includes brokers, leasing professionals, investment counselors, asset managers, appraisers, corporate real estate executives, property managers, developers, institutional investors, commercial lenders, attorneys, bankers, and other allied professionals.

What is a CBI?

A CBI (Certified Business Intermediary) is a recognized expert in the transfer of businesses.

A CBI is a prestigious designation exclusive to the IBBA that identifies an experienced and dedicated business broker. It is awarded to intermediaries who have proven professional excellence through verified education as well as exemplary commitment to our industry.